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Your business is limited by your pshychology

My mentor said to me, four years ago “your business is limited by your psychology”. Back then I was like, “yep, sure, I guess I’ll only be making $10 million in the next 2 years…”. Boy how much have I learned since then!!

Mid last week, I received an email from a client that threw me into a spin. I got my team into finding a solution and we were able to resolve it within two hours. The next morning I work up to another email. The client has decided to take control of the project that we were working on. I was understandably thrown again but determined to get it resolved.

Wind the clock back 6 months and my approach was to bury my head in the ground and not take phone calls. I was so petrified of facing these types of challenges. This pattern had been with me as long as I could remember. Sweep the problem under the carpet and do everything possible to make sure nobody knows about it. This was a great solution in the sort term and there’d be times where I’d “get away with it.”

This pattern popped up a few times when I was running my business. Most of the time I could get away with letting it run. Once again, a great short term solution.

But my own psychology kept my business from growing. Imagine having a business owner who tries to hide everything that they’re afraid of. They’re only going to be able to handle situations that are within their comfort zone. It’s very rare that a successful business will work within the owner’s psychology.

But, alas. There is a light to this. And it’s never easy.

A couple of months ago, my mentor’s prediction came true. I attracted a crisis to help me resolve this pattern. And boy was it a crisis!

This crisis had me back into a corner that I had to fight out of. Fighting out of a corner is different to what I’ve done in the past. Doing something different is where the magic begins.

Once the magic started, my own psychology started to naturally experience the benefits of taking on challenges that scare me.

And today this magic paid off.

Today I was able to talk with the client who threw me into a spin. I was absolutely petrified to speak with them. I pulled everything out of my toolbox to call them and kick off a conversation.

The funny thing is, that the conversation went quite well. It was amicable and we actually started to resolve some of the original issues.

The great thing is that this has nothing to do with the project. It has everything to do with me expanding my psychology. I am now in a much better position to take on challenges head on and fight for my corner. My psychology now chooses to sweep my old pattern under the carpet and embrace the new one!

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