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About John Hill

John Hill - Relationship Coach |  Business Coach | Technology Coach
John Hill sitting down looking up at camera.

Australian-based entrepreneur John Hill is founder of Ultimate Life Australia, a movement that is helping small business owners expand their business with a clever mix of strategy, a positive mind and technology.

John is a thought leader, business mentor and speaker and loves helping people live their passion through business.

John originally founded the Ultimate Life in early 2013 as a movement to help men heal the hurt of broken relationships and attract their dream partner. Since then, his clients have experienced an explosion in their business, prompting John to expand into his passion for business mentoring.

With a corporate background in website development and project management, John soon realised that his training and technology skills can be put to good use to help business owners understand how to use technology to grow.

In his free time, John spends time with his fiancée and newborn son, keeps fit by participating in endurance sports events and keeps his fingers occupied by playing guitar.

Ultimate Life contributes to the community with regular mentoring sessions, technology advice and regularly donates to charities that are close to John’s heart.

John is a living example of overcoming the odds to lead a life of passion and fulfilment, and helping others do the same.

His toolbag includes

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP – the cool stuff that Tony Robbins is famous for)
  • Timeline Therapy (think of the complete opposite of sitting on a couch for hours crying – this is normally a 10-15 process with massive, life changing results)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – a great technique to help people when they’re stuck in fear, anger or anything else where you seem to be out of control of your emotional response – great for those “deer in headlights” moments)
  • Hypnotherapy (no it’s nothing like the flashy shows you see on TV where people are walking around like a chicken – you’d be surprised to know it’s exactly the same experience as when you’re engrossed in a movie…)
  • Intuitive work – helping you uncover the answers to questions you didn’t even know existed!

John also appears as a guest speaker at various events such as business coaching, sex talks and dating workshops for singles.


  • Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited NLP and Timeline Therapy Practictioner
  • Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy