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How your thoughts can attract a woman

Have you ever wondered how the latest technology can help you find your ideal partner? This article reveals some pretty cool robot mind control hardware and what it means to people looking for love. I recently came across a product that uses only the user’s thoughts to control a remote control aircraft. This product is the EPOC neuroheadset and for $US299 you can have …

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Can a smoker really help you?

Have you had a friend who’s a smoker? Have you given them “the lecture” about how bad smoking is for them, how much it’s going to cost and how disgusting it smells? You’ve probably experienced the frustration as they sit back, take another draw on their cigarette and say “I know” but don’t want to do anything about it. Today’s …

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Looking good for the ladies – Week 1: the basics at the gym

Most of us are aware of what happens in nature – the majority of the time the male of a species needs to attract the attention of the female in order to mate. I would hope that we’ve evolved a long way from this behaviour but some of the basic principles apply – if a girl has a choice between …

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How to get a girl to want to talk to you in record time

Hi guys, yes this one’s for the men only – if you’re a lady and you’re reading this – then stop now. Oh and guys, the ladies are going to hate me for revealing this simple technique… So it’s Friday afternoon, you’re wanting to have a great night out and meet a girl that you really like. How do you …

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Should you wait 3 days to contact her?

Have you ever been out, got a lady’s number, then sat there for the next few days asking yourself when you should call her? According to most people, when you meet somebody you really like, you get their number, say you’ll call them, then wait 3 days before you pick up the phone. I ask those people: Since when did “talking to somebody you …

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Top 10: Secrets To A Great First Kiss

When men first kiss a woman it can be a signal that “Yes, it’s on! I’m in now!!” Yep, sure, this is probably true at 3am on the dance floor with two consenting drunk adults, but what about when it’s time to give that lady you really really like her first kiss? Is there such a thing as stuffing it up? …

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