Monday, 19 February, 2018
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The Joy of Conflict

A good friend of mine recently completed a blog post with these words of wisdom: Confrontations in relationships are a bit like having pimples. When they surface, it doesn’t look or feel nice. We get embarrassed by them and hope no one else notices. Yet a confrontation can bring up a lot that we have attempted to contain that really …

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How to get more from her by doing less

Imagine a mother is holding a young child. At first the child starts to get a little restless, so she holds on to it tighter. The child responds by squirming and complaining a little, so she holds it even tighter. The child starts to panic and uses all its strength to try and break free, whilst the mother holds in …

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Why people piss you off!

Do you have people in your life that really really piss you off?!  Do you want to know why? How would you like to uncover the secret to why people piss you off – and what you can do about it? Before we begin, I’d love to start with a quick story about myself. My last relationship was really tough, …

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Make HER work for a change!

Sorry ladies, if you’re reading this one, you’re probably going to hate me! Men, why is it that most women you speak to just don’t seem to give you the attention you deserve? WHY? Because you’re doing all the work!! Just one simple question Men, all you need to do is ask this one simple question, and you’ve got her …

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