Monday, 19 February, 2018
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How to remember a website password

Have you had a situation where you needed to get remember a password to a website, you can see the auto-saved password but don’t know what the password is? This easy but powerful trick will help you recover your password easily! Open the website that you wish to access with your username and password. Press F12 at the top of your keyboard. This will open your web browser’s …

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Business versus Relationships

A good friend once said to me that his life seemed pretty peachy. He owned his own business, he worked hard and he got the results that he’d been striving for. But something seemed to be missing. He had a beautiful waterfront house, a really cool car which all of us envied and plenty of cash. In that same conversation …

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10 free online tools every small business must have

Small businesses are generally limited in terms of cashflow and infrastructure – so any thing free is generally a bonus. Luckily most of these free online tools offer amazing functionality, scalability for when your business grows and infrastructure such as backups, export/import features and access from anywhere. Social Media Tools – a must have to get your social signals out …

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