Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
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Ultimate Phobia Buster

Do you suffer from giddy heights, ripping your partner’s hand off at the thought of sitting in a plane or running out of the house screaming when you spot a spider in the house?

How long have you had to suffer with this and what impact does it have on your every day life?

For just a short one hour session, you can bust these phobias for the rest of your life. Now how freeing would that be?

Want to knock off a second phobia? You can bust that phobia in 30 minutes!

So, what’s the price?

$97 for your first phobia – includes the setup conversation, elimination of the phobia and special gift.

$47 for each phobia after that – includes a 30 minute session.

How do I start?

  1. Contact John on 0431 032 300 or email him at
  2. Set up a time that best suits you.
  3. Set up a Skype call, phone conversation or face to face meeting to eliminate your fear for good!

How do I know it will work?

John uses the exact techniques the Anthony Robbins made famous on morning TV shows.  These techniques were developed in the 1970’s and have helped countless people eliminate trauma and fears from their life.


“Wow… I flew to Brisbane with turbulence and I didn’t even care I was so at ease! Thank you very much!!!”

“I was too busy looking outside the airplane to realise I had landed or the turbulence heading over the ocean as we did a 180 to land! Thank you for your help! You are a man of GENIUS!”