Friday, 15 December, 2017
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Make HER work for a change!

Sorry ladies, if you’re reading this one, you’re probably going to hate me!

Men, why is it that most women you speak to just don’t seem to give you the attention you deserve? WHY? Because you’re doing all the work!!

Just one simple question

Men, all you need to do is ask this one simple question, and you’ve got her interest

Finger pointing to the right 80px“If you were to name 3 things about yourself that will allow me to know you better,
and none of those things can be about what you do or what you look like,
what would they be?”

Why does it work?

young-woman-biting-large-nerd-glasses-interested-look-29895084Most women have heard the same thing over and over while men try to sell their story to them. If somebody kept selling you something and knew nothing about you – would you buy?

Firstly – asking that simple question helps the girl to realise that you ARE interested in the real her – and not just her great looks.

Secondly – she’s got to work to give you an answer, so she’s got more to lose if she breaks the conversation.

Thirdly – it helps us break the cycle of making everything about ourselves!!


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