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Looking good for the ladies – Week 2: nutrition

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Looking good for the ladies” series. Last week we gave away a few secrets about the foundations of being happy with your body in Part 1. Today, we’ll be focusing on nutrition – an exceptionally important part of the health triangle.

Nutrition for building muscle

OK, so everybody pretty much knows that the basics for building muscle is that your body needs some extra protein. But how much and what type?


Firstly, if you’re taking anything extra than what your body needs, then it will normally try and store it as fat. The recommended intake if you’re EXERCISING to build muscle is about 2g per kg of body weight per day. So if you’re around 80kg, then you need to be consuming up to 160g of protein per day. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you should be consuming about half of that. A few guidelines when consuming protein:

  • Spread it out over a few intakes during the day as your body can only absorb a certain amount per hour.
  • Always take protein with carbohydrates.
  • Take a dose about an hour before your workout and a dose immediately afterwards.
  • The latest research indicates that you should take a mixture of whey and casein protein powders.
  • Taking a lot of protein powder can lead to a massive build up of acidity in your body. Try an alkaline protein supplement such as a pea protein for a while to give your body a chance.

Vital Protein - pea protein

Good Fats

Secondly, ensure you’re consuming good fats such as olive oil and avocado.

Avocado and Olive Oil


Carbohydrates fuel your muscles so you can continue working out. The glycogen stored in the muscles will gradually decrease as you progress through your workout – hence fatigue will set in when your glycogen stores are low. The more fuel your muscles have, the longer your workout and the more that you’ll be stressing your muscles to ultimately build more. When choosing carbs, opt for a low GI source such as brown rice and sweet potato.

Brown rice

Nutrition for toning up

If you’re currently holding onto a lot of weight then this section is for you. Whether you’ve struggled with extra weight your whole life or you’ve bulked up from a muscle weight gain routine, this section will help you looking trim and terrific for the ladies. One of the greatest awakenings for me is that the human body has an amazing ability to look after itself when it’s look after by you. When it’s fed the right nutrition it can reset itself to the way it’s supposed to work.

My business coach just recently completed a water and juice fast in Bali. His blood pressure was 160/110 and his cardiologist has told him that he’ll have to be on blood pressure tablets for the rest of his life. After the water and juice fast he lost 20kg and his blood pressure dropped to 110/81 – all doctors are stating that it’s impossible and especially only after 4 weeks.

Most of us are brought up in a society where our food habits are completely out of proportion to what our bodies are designed to ingest. Whether it be something as simple as our parents telling us to eat everything on our plate when we were young or the media, we generally overeat a huge amount. Our body primarily needs vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs to keep going. According to the experts, the human body can survive around 60 days without food – this is the length of time that hunger strikers in prison tend to be able to survive.

Allowing your body to reset its hunger signals can open your mind to exactly how your own body works. Yes, something like a juice fast can be tough and challenging for the first few days but just be assured that when you keep pushing through you’ll literally reach the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve experienced this time after time during juice fasts and during my time in the military during food deprivation – your body WILL keep going.

After completing something like a juice fast, your body will relearn what it needs – you’ll only get hungry when it needs fuel, it will become super sensitive to sugars, salts and nutritionally inferior food. If you’re wondering how a lot of this works, take a look into how the human body sends hunger signals and what happens to insulin levels when we eat. So some general rules:

  • Drop your carbohydrate intake if it’s too high BUT remember that the body will go into shock if you try and drop them too much or too rapidly. This is why some people experience a quick weight loss then sometimes gain weight when on a low carb diet.
  • Keep up your exercise but always have time to rest. Over-exercising will once again force your body into shock where it will try and store everything you consume.
  • Reduce your sugar intake – this is one of the key killers of nutrition on the human body. Natural sugars such as those found in fruit can be OK but replace all manufactured sugars such as table sugars or corn syrup with something like raw (not processed) honey.
  • Only eat what’s nutritionally good for your body. Anything else is literally a waste of money and energy for your food to try and process.

Skinny to muscular

Other nutritional tips

Drink water – a lot of hunger signals are actually confused hydration signals. We should be drinking around 1L of water for every 22kg of body weight per day. If you’re looking into starting a juice fast:

Next week

Join us next week for another powerful and inspirational step on your journey to looking good for the ladies. Next week’s post is a must – this step will help you reveal what’s held you back in the past and how you can fast track your progress to getting your dream body.

Looking good for the ladies

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