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How to remember a website password

Have you had a situation where you needed to get remember a password to a website, you can see the auto-saved password but don’t know what the password is?

Missing Password

This easy but powerful trick will help you recover your password easily!

  1. Open the website that you wish to access with your username and password.
  2. Press F12 at the top of your keyboard.
    This will open your web browser’s feature that web developers use. This will display a whole lot of code (HTML) – stay calm,
    the rest is actually easy 🙂
    Username Password F12 Code
  3. The next step is the one you need to concentrate on. Click the “inspect element” icon:
    • In Chrome, it’s the icon that looks like a magnifying glass on the far left.
    • In Firefox, it’s the “Pick an element from the page” icon to the right.
    • In Internet Explorer, it the “Select Element” on the left hand side.
  4. Select the password field, i.e. the one that you type into with the hidden characters.
  5. Take a quick look at the code. Somewhere in the code is something that looks like
    Username Password Find Password
  6. Change the text to
    In Chrome, this is done by double clicking on “password”, typing in “text” then pressing [Enter].
    Username Password Change Text
  7. Press F12 again and the password is now revealed!
    Username Password Reveal Password

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