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How to get that woman to come over and talk to you

Men, if you’ve ever been out and waited forever for that girl to come over and speak to you then make sure you watch this secret from a female dating coach!!

Hi there and welcome back to Ultimate Life TV for this week.

This week we’ve got a topic which is something that I think you might find very interesting, and it’s something that used to bug me when I used to go out on a Friday and Saturday night.

It was one of those situations where I’d be in the bar and I’d see this girl that I’d really like and we might have made a little bit of eye contact and given each other a cheeky grin and I’d be like “yes, alright, she likes me and she’s going to come over and speak to me any second.”

And what would happen would be that I’d probably have a few more beers, keep speaking to my mates and on the back of my mind I’d be like “when on earth is this girl going to come over and speak to me?”

And we might even make eye contact again a couple of times through the night. And it would just never happen.
So I’d end up going home and I’d be questioning myself going “What on earth did I do wrong? Why didn’t this girl come over and speak to me?” as if she magically should just pop herself over.

So what actually happened was that I’ve spoken to relationship expert friend of mine and she deals with women only. And she let me in in a little bit of a secret.

And the secret goes like this: when we’re sitting out at a table and we’ve made eye contact and thinking this girl’s going to come over to me any second, the girl’s thinking the exact same thing – she’s sitting there with her friends and she’s thinking when on earth is this man going to come on over here?

But there’s a way for us both to connect and there’s a secret to making this happen – and the key to this is: next time you’re going over to the bar to order a drink, or just wandering past her seat, just have a quick look before you do and look at something that you really like about her. So think about what she’s wearing, maybe the way her hair is or even the way that she’s sitting,e.g. her posture. As you’re walking past, give her a compliment like “I really love that dress you’re wearing, you look great in it tonight” and then continue on to the bar.

That’s going to set a seed of curiosity for her of “man, I think this guy’s interested in me” and when you’re coming back from the bar, maybe give her a little smile again and continue walking.

So, what will happen is that seed will keep growing, so 10-15 minutes later she’s going to have enough and feel compelled to come over and speak to you. And when she does, she’s going to be feeling so excited from the compliment that she’s just going to want to speak to you.

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