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How to get a girl to want to talk to you in record time

Hi guys, yes this one’s for the men only – if you’re a lady and you’re reading this – then stop now.Girl at Bar

Oh and guys, the ladies are going to hate me for revealing this simple technique…

So it’s Friday afternoon, you’re wanting to have a great night out and meet a girl that you really like. How do you get her to want to talk to you???

This simple but effective technique will have her attention drawn to you and switch off to all the other men she’s spoken to already.

All you’ve got to do is ask this simple question:

Finger pointing to the right 80px“If you were to name 3 things about yourself that will allow me to know you better, and none of those things can be about what you do or what you look like, what would they be?”

So why does this work?

Well, women are so used to men coming up to them and selling/ bragging about themselves that they switch off. Taking a fresh approach will firstly get her interest – plus the question you ask is actually getting her to sell herself to you! She’ll be impressed that somebody actually wants to know what makes her tick and isn’t just going for looks.

So, go ahead, get out tonight and make a lot of opportunities to practice – the longer the night goes – the more likelyhood that everyone’s defences will be down and you’ll have more success.

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