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How roadworks can spice up a night

Night_roadworksA couple of days ago my girlfriend and I received a note in the mail telling us that we’ll be having all night roadworks, two nights in a row. Initially there was a bit of panic as we’d already had a couple of restless sleeps. But we put our sleepy heads together and quickly came up with an idea, an idea that added we both were really looking forward to and didn’t cost a cent!

Do find there are times in your relationship where you seem to be in survival mode? You wake up, slide out of bed, go to work, have dinner, watch TV then collapse back into bed with little quality time to spend with each other. Imagine adding a little spice, just a couple of times a month with no effort. Imagine how that would boost your relationship!

When I’m working with couples, one of their most common complaints is they feel like they don’t have room for excitement any more. Every day life has got in the way, the kids are taking their time and they are working more and more. A recent study found that people who experience excessive moments of monotony are more than 2.5 times as likely to die from heart disease or stroke as those who don’t.

It’s statistics like these that have me cast myself back to my childhood and remember all the times that I’d shared some fun with my friends and family. The best times were when we did something out of the norm, something exciting and something that added a bit of a thrill. It was these times that broke the monotony (well as much as a kid experiences) of every day life.

Indoor camping with kidsOne of the keys to keeping your relationship healthy is adding a little unexpected spice without too much preparation or spending too much money. For my partner and I, spending a couple of nights with roadworks outside our window could have ended in disaster. We could have tossed and turned, put pillows over our heads and woken up with our eyeballs bulging out of their sockets. Instead we decided that this was a great opportunity to have a little fun. We instead spent 5 minutes moving our mattress and bedding into our lounge room and “camped” at home. This simple little act that was fun, something new and broke the monotony of the week.

When you’ve finished reading this article, have a quick chat with your partner and get creative. What can you do differently in your home that will break the monotony? Can you have dinner in bed, take a bath together instead of a shower or sleep in a different room. If you’ve got children, these activities can mean the world to them and remember – there is always an opportunity to make your relationship a ten out of ten!Ten out of ten

If you have any relationship questions – whether you’re single or a couple please shoot them my way and look out for an answer soon!

Happy camping!!

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