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Facebook Page Types Explained

Are you a business owner who’s a little confused about which type of Facebook page your business should have? This article reveals all!

When you’ve decided to create a new Facebook page, it’s a relatively simple process. All you need to do is open Facebook, click the far right menu and select “Create Page”. From here, you may need a little help. You’ll be shown a set of options as to which type of Facebook page you wish to create.

Here’s a quick summary of what they all mean.

Local Business or Place

If you have a physical, “bricks and mortar” business, then this is the right type of Facebook Business page for you.

This is the type of Facebook page allows people to “check-in” to your business place.

Company, Organization or Institution

This type of Facebook Business Page is perfect if you own an online business, or own a business with multiple locations and multiple business hours.

The check-in option can be added to this Facebook page type after the initial set-up.

Brand or Product

This type of Facebook Business Page is perfect if you own an online business, or your products and services are sold through multiple distributors, for example Coca Cola or Apple.

Artist, Band or Public Figure

This type of page is perfect for promoting you. This is great if you are Business Person, Coach or Chef.


This is perfect if you are promoting a book, magazine or TV show.

Cause or Community

Choose this type if you are a non-profit charity or organisation.

Getting a Massive Following

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