Friday, 15 December, 2017
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The right questions to ask when you approach a woman

This week I’m giving away a little secret, a secret which may help you this Australia Day weekend when you’re out in the bars, and that’s – The Right Questions to Ask When You Approach a Woman. I’ll be giving these two questions away for free in this video… Hope you meet your dream girl today!!

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How an entrepreneur walked 100km

Yesterday, three friends and I completed 100km of jumping over rocks and crossing creeks in 28 hours and 35 minutes – no sleep! The event – Oxfam Trailwalker. So how did we do it? Step 1 – The Decision 5 weeks ago we had our first training session. It was completely obvious that we all one thing in common – …

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Looking good for the ladies – Week 2: nutrition

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Looking good for the ladies” series. Last week we gave away a few secrets about the foundations of being happy with your body in Part 1. Today, we’ll be focusing on nutrition – an exceptionally important part of the health triangle. Nutrition for building muscle OK, so everybody pretty much knows that the basics for building muscle …

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Looking good for the ladies – Week 1: the basics at the gym

Most of us are aware of what happens in nature – the majority of the time the male of a species needs to attract the attention of the female in order to mate. I would hope that we’ve evolved a long way from this behaviour but some of the basic principles apply – if a girl has a choice between …

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How to get a girl to want to talk to you in record time

Hi guys, yes this one’s for the men only – if you’re a lady and you’re reading this – then stop now. Oh and guys, the ladies are going to hate me for revealing this simple technique… So it’s Friday afternoon, you’re wanting to have a great night out and meet a girl that you really like. How do you …

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Make HER work for a change!

Sorry ladies, if you’re reading this one, you’re probably going to hate me! Men, why is it that most women you speak to just don’t seem to give you the attention you deserve? WHY? Because you’re doing all the work!! Just one simple question Men, all you need to do is ask this one simple question, and you’ve got her …

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