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Your business is limited by your pshychology

your business is limited by your psychology

My mentor said to me, four years ago “your business is limited by your psychology”. Back then I was like, “yep, sure, I guess I’ll only be making $10 million in the next 2 years…”. Boy how much have I learned since then!! Mid last week, I received an email from a client that threw me into a spin. I …

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Business names explained

Do you want to know more about ABN’s and Business Names? If you’ve created a great business idea that you’re really excited by, only to then get bogged down by the red tape of how to name your business, then you may need to keep reading – your business naming questions are about to be answered! The Australian Government provides a fantastic …

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How to overcome not having enough time

If a charity got a dollar for every time I’ve said “I don’t have enough time”, they’d have me as their chief fundraiser. What does “not having enough time” really mean, especially for us entrepreneurs? This article will uncover the true meaning behind this commonly used phrase, and help you become a person who says “there’s always enough time.” Yesterday I was sitting in a 3500 seat …

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What to do about laziness

Around 87% of the population lists laziness as a big problem in one or more area of their lives. It stops them from doing the things that they want to do and has them feeling powerless. But studies show that laziness is a myth and this article will show you why. Imagine knowing exactly what causes your laziness and what you …

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How an entrepreneur walked 100km

Yesterday, three friends and I completed 100km of jumping over rocks and crossing creeks in 28 hours and 35 minutes – no sleep! The event – Oxfam Trailwalker. So how did we do it? Step 1 – The Decision 5 weeks ago we had our first training session. It was completely obvious that we all one thing in common – …

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Business versus Relationships

A good friend once said to me that his life seemed pretty peachy. He owned his own business, he worked hard and he got the results that he’d been striving for. But something seemed to be missing. He had a beautiful waterfront house, a really cool car which all of us envied and plenty of cash. In that same conversation …

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Why people piss you off!

Do you have people in your life that really really piss you off?!  Do you want to know why? How would you like to uncover the secret to why people piss you off – and what you can do about it? Before we begin, I’d love to start with a quick story about myself. My last relationship was really tough, …

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10 free online tools every small business must have

Small businesses are generally limited in terms of cashflow and infrastructure – so any thing free is generally a bonus. Luckily most of these free online tools offer amazing functionality, scalability for when your business grows and infrastructure such as backups, export/import features and access from anywhere. Social Media Tools – a must have to get your social signals out …

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