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Business names explained

Do you want to know more about ABN’s and Business Names?

If you’ve created a great business idea that you’re really excited by, only to then get bogged down by the red tape of how to name your business, then you may need to keep reading – your business naming questions are about to be answered!

The Australian Government provides a fantastic service to help entrepreneurs just like yourself who are struggling with questions about business names and ABN’s.

In summary:

  • Trading name” is an old-school term, “business name” is the modern term,
  • Legal name” is the name that’s shown on official documents, most likely to the same as your business name if you’re a sole trader,
  • Business names cannot be changed. To change a name you need to apply for a new name,
  • When you register your business name in your state, it’s automatically registered Australia wide,
  • Your business name is not automatically protected by a trademark – you need to register that.

If you still need a hand to register your business, then simply contact your accountant. I strongly recommend an accountant who has experience working with the entrepreneur market – as they will understand your needs and know how to answer all your questions.

For official, detailed answers to your questions visit the page on the Australian Business website.

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