Monday, 19 February, 2018
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Ultimate Life Australia’s purpose is to provide proven pathways and experiences for men to become male again. We strive to provide an honest, supportive and “no fluff” approach to rapidly transform men into confident, stable versions of themselves.

We are committed to positive world change through the creation of empowered and peaceful individuals.

Ultimate Life values standing out from the crowd by providing a cheeky, fun and refreshing approach to transformation.

Why choose us?

John has a varied background as a leader in the Australian Army and a leader and project manager in the I.T. industry whilst still maintaining his core as a person who loves connecting and helping people.

He has been in the self development industry since 2009 and has worked with hundreds of people to help get their lives into something that they enjoy.

From his Army background, he has gained huge insights into the issues that men regularly face as well acting as a mentor and leader to them.

His white collar background has also provided another angle from which he has brought himself up into a leadership role and been able to mentor and help those who work with him.

John is jokingly called “the Modern Hitch” by his peers and knows the insights of being the “blokey” bloke, being the professional corporate man as well as being able to switch on his female energy to connect with the ladies.