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10 romantic ways to spend that extra hour this Sunday

Once a year a large proportion of the population changes their clocks to enjoy an extra hour of sunlight for the summer. As much as we love daylight saving, there comes a time when the clocks need to return to their original time and this means an extra hour on Sunday morning. Instead of using that extra hour for a sleep in, why not take advantage and spend some quality time with your partner.

Here’s 10 romantic ways that you can spend that extra hour this Sunday. Who knows, it might even become a weekly ritual that can boost your relationship.

1. Make love

This is the obvious number #1 for fun and romantic way to spend that extra hour together on a Sunday morning. If you’re feeling particularly playful, plan ahead and write out a couple of fantasies that you’ve been aching to try. If you normally struggle to fill the whole hour, then stretch it out a while by spending some extra time with foreplay – she’ll love you for it!

2. Make her breakfast

Quietly slip out of bed early, head to the kitchen and start making that breakfast that she loves. Whether it be a nutritious bowl of fruit with freshly pressed juice or a tantalisingly naughty stack of pancakes with maple syrup and icing sugar on top, plan it to be ready just as she’s waking up. For an extra boost of love, make a paprika love heart on the side of the plate (tip: use a paper template to help create the heart).

3. Explore somewhere new

Do a little research in your neighbourhood and find a park, walkway or new area that you’ve both never explored before. When you wake up in the morning, take your lady to your newly discovered location, hold hands and go for a walk. If you’re feeling particularly loving, pause along the way, gaze into her eyes and tell her how much you love her.

4. Watch a movie in bed

Who ever said that you have to get out of bed to enjoy that extra hour. Find a favourite movie of hers and load it up to your laptop. On Sunday morning when she wakes up, grab her quick cup of coffee, race back to the bedroom and surprise her with favourite flick. For some extra romance, let her snuggle her head on your chest.

5. Take a bath together

If you both lead a fairly tough and hectic lifestyle, take a breather and relax into a bath. To get this going, slide out of bed as she’s waking up and run the hot water. Give her a big kiss, grab her hand, lead her into the bathroom and slip into the bath together. For some added spice, have some music playing in the background and some bath salts in the bath.

6. Plan a holiday

What a perfect opportunity to take some time off and plan a vacation, even if it’s something simple like a 3 day long weekend. Remember that Easter and ANZAC Day are approaching in 3 weeks – it might be a great time to put a couple of days aside and spend them solely with each other. If you’re stretched for accommodation, go somewhere affordable but beautiful like Lake St. Clair.

7. Go for a romantic drive

If you’d love to get out of the house and do something different why not pop down to your local grocery store, pack a few essentials like cheese and biscuits and go for a romantic drive. Plan this one ahead and you can take advantage of some amazing scenery that will blow her mind. A couple of suggestions are:

North of Sydney: Avalon Beach, Lake Macquarie, Brooklyn
West of Sydney: The Blue Mountains, Great River Walk, Old Government House
South of Sydney: Wollongong Lookouts, Berry, Kangaroo Valley

8. Have breakfast out

Find a local cafe that you’ve never been to before, take your loved one for a walk and have a nice long romantic breakfast together, your shout. Remember to turn off your mobile phones – no distractions allowed! Also, have a backup cafe, just in case the first one’s full. As a tip, if you’re in the Crows Nest area, visit Pino’s Restaurant – great coffee and a great breakfast selection.

9. Get out the edible bodypaint

Back to the bedroom… If you’ve stashed away some of that edible chocolate bodypaint then what better time to pull it out and put it to great use. It might be a fun surprise for her and something exciting for you. For extra brownie points, try something fun like drawing words on each other’s backs and guessing what you’ve written.

10. Write each other a love letter

Place a notepad and paper on each bedside table. When she wakes up, give her a big kiss and a cup of tea and tell her what you’re doing. Spend some time writing the most romantic love letter to each other. Tell each other why you love them, why you want to be with them and what your future looks like. When you’re done, spend some time gazing into each other’s eyes and reading each other’s letters. For some extra spice, get a box to store all your letters from past years.

I hope this helps and provides some fun and romantic inspirational ways to spend some time with your loved one this Sunday morning. If you’ve got some ideas of your own – feel free to share them!

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